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Learn to extract the data you need from the internet with web scraping

You can see the data right in your browser...
...let me teach you how to get at it!


The web has provided us all with access to a near infinite amount of data about anything you could possibly imagine, and along with that an infinite realm of possibility as to what you can do with that data.

But… when it actually comes to extracting the data you need, you’ve probably discovered that it’s not so simple. Sure, you could copy and paste the data manually yourself, but aside from making you feel like a monkey - you know it’s not the best use of your time.

You know automating the process is possible, but understanding how to deal with the intricies of the web seems like it requires an insurmountable mountain of knowledge. I’m happy to say it doesn’t! It’s all perfectly teachable, and I’m here to do exactly that. Stick around & pick an article to find out more.

What will you learn?…

  • What web scraping is and what you & others can do with the data you scrape.
  • You'll learn to take a backwards step-by-step approach from the data you see in the browser to its actual source of origin, kind of like walking up a river. Any data on any website can be approached methodically with this technique.
  • How to change your mindset and "think like a browser" to get direct access to the data you need, even when you think it requires JavaScript.
  • How to take advantage of the complex development tools your browser provides to provide you with a plan-of-attack when coding your automation.
  • The most crucial tricks and tips in avoiding the dreaded server ban, or better yet - ever being discovered.

Getting Started with Web Scraping

New to the topic and lost as to where to start? Here you'll learn about the background, common terms & jargon, most popular tools and other guides designed to get you off the ground with the least amount of hassle.

Web Scraping Challenges

Take your web scraping knowledge up to the next level and know the web inside out; this section contains web scraping challenges designed to test your skill while giving you the ability to handle any situation the web may throw at you.